Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Petition site to check out

If you like online advocacy and are looking for new outlets for activists in support of your cause give a petition site a try.  There are several to pick from and you can get started for free!

Today, let's look at The Petition Site .  They boast direct connections to Facebook for all their petitions - giving you greater range and scope for your advocacy effort.

Here's an overview of the parent company Care 2 from their site:

Company Overview

Care2 is a trusted social action network that empowers millions of people to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and support socially responsible causes.
Care2's content offering includes original stories, blogs and syndication partners covering a wide range of healthy lifestyle areas, and causes ranging from politics to human rights and animal welfare. By integrating relevant content with action opportunities such as petitions, pledges and daily actions, Care2 builds a deeper level of passion and engagement with its users. The Butterfly Rewards member loyalty program is a "currency for good" for Care2 members to earn points and support nonprofit projects worldwide.
Care2 users are the emerging mainstream of conscious consumers, bringing a high level of passion, engagement and influence to everything they do. The typical Care2 user is a woman who is 25-54 years old, lives with a spouse or partner, has one or more pets, volunteers for causes she believes in, buys eco-friendly products and donates to nonprofits.
Care2 is the largest and fastest growing social action network, with over 16 million members and 175% growth in unique visitors year over year. Care2 also owns and operates the #1 site for petitions,, generating 24 million signatures in the past 12 months. With applications on Facebook and a network of over 100 revenue sharing partner sites, Care2's reach is to over 150 million people.
Care2 is in the top 200 sites worldwide on Quantcast traffic reporting
Care2 is a profitable, privately funded company and a B-Corporation. The company's business model is focused on pay-per-action lead generation for non-profit organizations and CPM sponsorships for responsible consumer brands. As a B-Corporation or social enterprise, Care2 generates revenues by connecting individuals with nonprofits and businesses that are making the world a better place.

There are a few simple steps to get started:
  • It's quick, easy, & free to start a petition
  • Every petition created on Care2 is automatically available on Facebook
  • An online petition is your direct line to your Congressperson, Senator, heads of Corporate America, & even the President.
  • The Care2 community is passionate resulting in 68,002,580 online petition signatures.
  • One Care2 member got 450,000 signatures on her petition. That's huge!
  • Use our tools to promote your petition on Facebook and other social networks
  • Our embedded petition widget lets people sign your petition on any website or blog!
  • Our Facebook petition application lets your friends sign your petition without leaving Facebook.
  • Care2's seasoned campaigners may take up your cause and help promote your online petition.
  • Find more tips in the Activist Toolkit.

Good luck!

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