Sunday, December 14, 2008

President Elect Obama Set a New Standard

If you're new to grassroots lobbying, then start by studying the best to date. President Elect Obama used social networking to the extreme and appears to be carrying his many innovative tactics forward through the transition to President.

From fundraising to announcing his VP pick via text message, Obama will be copied by most who follow. (transition to President) - many opportunities to submit comments and "join the dicussion" (campaign site) (fundraising)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

General Motors Drives it Home

General Motors moves mountains with social media. GM "tells it like it is" at

Find out more about the auto industry and contact your legislator through this targeted grassroots portal.

Social media makes everyone a lobbyist. When a man from Michigan became fed up with Senator Shelby in Alabama, was the result. Practically overnight, this website heightened the ire of pro-Detroit activists and drove a backlash against Sen. Shelby. Amateur, but effective.

Read about the creator here:

How To Save the U.S. Automotive Industry

Positive public opinion must overcome negative public skepticism in order to score a major bridge loan from Congress for the Detroit 3. Here's and example of a positive force in favor of the loans:

The Detroit Regional Chamber advocates on behalf of over 20,000 businesses in southeast Michigan. (I'm their VP of Government Relations).

Welcome to LobbyTiger -- Where Lobbying and Social Media Meet

Passing controversial legislation requires backing by strong lobbyists and positive public opinion. I'll take a fresh look at the options available to advocates and their use of social media to move grassroots.

I'm a veteran lobbyist who recognizes the power of grassroots public opinion. Those who take advantage of social media now will reap rewards far into the future.

Stay tuned!