Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four-Square for Advocacy?

The latest social media craze is known as a little program called Four-Square.

From their website:

Check-in to places

People use foursquare to "check-in", which is a way of telling us your whereabouts. When you check-in someplace, we'll tell your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. People check-in at all kind of places - cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices.

You'll find that as your friends use foursquare to check-in, you'll start learning more about the places they frequent. Not only is it a great way to meet up with nearby friends, but you'll also start to learn about their favorite spots and the new places they discover.
So, how could Four-Square be used effectively for political advocacy?  Take a look at the K Street Cafe Blog   for a few ideas from their contributors.

First, Amanda Phraner suggests calls to action around "check-ins."  Read her piece here.  Next, Alan Rosenblatt suggests the concept of a virtual flash mob via the a similar tactic.  Find his take here.

Either way, the creatives out there will find a way to use this fun new platform for advocacy.  I'm looking forward to the possibilities!